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June 6, 2016 Posted by admin in Digital Marketing

In the online retail or wholesale trading the basic thoughts are related to the type of business, what to buy, and what to trade, and from there the obvious question arise. How to bill for your customers for services and sales? How to let clients to pay for your service online using their preferred payment options like credit or debit cards or online banking? The answer to this question cannot be an easier for you, as you need a dealer account with the facility of taking online payments through a Payment Gateway.

This where our service comes handy, we have numerous websites and portals integrated with virtually all online payment service provider available today in market all over, members of our development team is specialized with most of the payment gateways used and our prices are value for money and very competitive.

The easiest way to know payment gateway is by relating it to when you do payment in a mall and use your credit card or debit for processing. Similarly when you purchase anything online, clients can makepayments online using their credit cards or debit cards on website and same will be reflected in your bank statement.

You can get your payment gateway integrated in your websites within few Hours. Our Service is Fast and Reliable.

Our development team is qualified with all payment gateways available today in market; we can integrate your portal with almost any payment gateway available. The following list showcase some of the Payment gateways we have worked with.