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Simply put, Email Marketing is marketing or promotion through email whether it is for your brand or service. But over the period of years, there has been a paradigm shift in how email marketing is perceived i.e. from a marketing tool to a more personalized means to have an everlasting relationship with the existing customers and develop a relationship with potential customers/clients.

Email Marketing helps in building trust and credibility; you share information and knowledge which in turn build trust among the potential/existing customers. It is one of the most economical medium of marketing involving very less cost thereby increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses. Email marketing is very quick & convenient and an effective means to reach your customers via newsletters or advertisements. It creates and ever-lasting bond with your customer if used in an innovative and smart way. It acts as a communication (via newsletters) and feedback (via open rate percentage) mechanism between a business and its customers. Email Marketing has the power to build your brand and can boost your sales significantly if the newsletters appear appealing, informative and useful to the receiver. The major advantage of email marketing is that you can target customers based on their individual choices and preferences and increase website traffic simultaneously. Last but not the least, it is crucial in extending your global reach too!

Transactional emails

Transactional Mails are kind of messages which are sent in response to the action performed by the user providing them the real-time status of their actions like order confirmation, dispatch, verification etc. They have a very high opening rate because of the fact that they directly relate to the interest of the users and are relevant to them.

Direct emails

Direct Emails on the other hand, are those relating to the promotions in the form of newsletters often sent without user’s consent. The email list is often obtained via third parties based on customers’ transactions with such third parties (vendors or service providers).

Crystaltech e Solutions is one of the fastest growing email marketing companies in USA which undertakes in-depth business analysis and research to cater to you email marketing needs. We make engaging and captivating newsletters that will help your business to grow and your user happy. We make sure your newsletters get the same response as transactional emails and increase the traffic on your website. We believe in building a personalized relationship between our client and their clients through this mode- an effective, smart and catchy newsletter.

So, get in touch with our team to explore the unlimited possibilities to grow with email marketing.

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