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Information Architecture & User Experience

Information Architecture & User Experience

The development of a website starts as that of a blueprint. For a good and a high performance website, we have the UX and IA experts with us. Our services include user flows, wire-frames and side maps. For a higher performance website, our experts in UX helps and gives the details in the blueprints.

We at crystaltech, plan the content for the website and that which is relevant to the targeted audience will be curated and used. With an intuitive layout, we also try to increase the usability.

The Key Elements of Information Architecture & User Experience

For creating a friendly user experience we develop and design the website using wire-frames that helps in reflecting the user personas. For creating a seamless journey, we try and produce relevant content that targets your audience and their needs.

Defining Your Business User Persona Campaign Strategy

For bringing your strategy to action, you need to start broadcasting your brand. We at crystaltech, provide direction that are creative to various fields such as for media and marketing. We also provide direction for advertising campaigns and support in the online and offline efforts.

We at crystaltech provide

  • Creative advertising that engages your audience
  • Building a campaign around the brand story
  • Marketing the business with creative and out of the box ideas
  • Building strategies for campaigning.

We create campaigns that are different from others and that it does not have the conventional tactics, thereby helps in engaging the targeted audience. We also make sure that your business is made visible in the offline and online markets keeping in mind the objective of your business.

Tailoring Campaigns for Your Target Audience

For a common man, while using the internet, there are approximately 5000 advertisements that are bombarded on him each day. Therefore creative a campaign that is general and expect it to reach the target audience will not help you in any way. You will have to thoroughly analyse your customers and viewers in order to be successful in your campaigns. When you find out the customers engagement and interaction and get to know on their requirements ad in needs in detail will help you become more receptive to your services that you have to offer them.

Implementing Alternative Strategies that Are In Line With Your Business Goals

For making it appealing and persuading for the customers, you need to have creative and out of the box ideas for effective campaigning. You will have to analyse the demographic details and predict about the future trends, this will help in creating strategies that would be more effective and relevant to your targeted audience. You will also keep in mind the campaign goals that you have to reach. You will have to stay on your targets and once you get hold of potential customers, you will have to lead them in making them subscribe for free trials and email sign ups.

Cohesive Coordination of Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

For getting positive results with the campaigns, you will have to take help from the online marketing and offline marketing efforts. Though the offline and online marketing are two different entities, your customers will see both of it as a brand. You can increase the visibility with the targeted customers by simply creating campaigns that combines both the online and offline marketing efforts. This way you will have multiple engagement from your audience. Complementing one another in the campaign strategy, you should also ensure that it does not overlap or repeats the same message. Instead you will have to ensure that a new layer is added on each channel to your marketing and that it should target your audience for a conversion.

Campaigning Across All Marketing Channels

Digital marketing channels are not the only sole channel for your audience to engage with you. The ideal customers for your business are at different points in the conversion funnels and thus they determine their engagement with your business. Building up an effective and interesting campaign story on one platform and ignoring the other channels would be like ignoring the potential customers elsewhere. Campaigns that makes a remark on all your efforts online and offline will help you reach the targeted audience and that you will be able to reach them at different points in the funnel.

The website developer should start the task with first knowing about the visitors and the audience on a personal level. Creating a fictional user with all the details such as age, qualifications, skills, education and everything else that is needed for a non-fictional one, will help you a lot in the business rather than just imagining them and creating the site.

For designing a user friendly website, you will have to create a step by step process of how the user will be navigated to different pages on the website and how he will respond to it. This will give you a deeper understanding and will help you to know about the maps and wire-frames on the page and place of content.

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