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We try to create logos that represent and reflect your vision of the business. The logo design that we create reflect the corporate branding and services and the promise that the brand makes during establishment. Crystaltech has a team of experts and experienced designers who passionately work on creating logos that are versatile and that fit the branding guidelines.

What is actually in a logo?

We have a team that tirelessly works on researching and designing a logo for your business, which can place your business in a superior position in comparison to your competitors in the B2B firm. The logo designing is not an easy task and it includes a myriad of qualities that has to be taken care of which includes shape, fonts, color, name etc. The logos cannot be literal and it should present the ideas of and values of your business on a whole, presenting its stories. You can also hire our team to work around your own logo or idea.

Right from business cards to the billboards – a logo ideally made for you!

Versatility in a logo is something, which is very important. It could be either in vibrant colors or in black and white. The logo designs should work when it is printed on the smallest of the objects and also when it is printed on wider screens and spaces like that of the billboards. These designs should be visible on any medium irrespective of its size. At Crystaltech, we ensure that logos created by us for your businesses stand out amongst the rest.

We do not only create fresh logos but also try to build up on the existing one for making it better so that it reflects your firm’s objectives in a clearer way.

Excellent award winning designs!

CrystalTech has been providing quality services and emerged as one of the best logo designing companies in USA. We have been applauded for our work and have created a numerous designs that got back laurels for our company and work. We believe in maintaining a healthy customer relationship and retaining it for long term.

You can get in touch with us for a talk and for working on a logo that would represent your brand or business.

Fields we work in for logos:

For the marketing platforms, logos are major aspects that set the tone for the B2B industries. We try and create logos that are not only distinct from the competitors but those which suit and fit in your business appropriately.

The industries that we have served include the following:

  • Software
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Consulting
  • Technology
  • Biotech
  • Accounting
  • Financial
  • Engineering


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The best thing about this company is their flexibility. Even if the scope changes, they take it as a part of the deal and deliver the project within deadline. I was amazed by the ease and efficiency, with which they dealt the changes. I couldn’t thank them enough for giving me these results which I could not have got somewhere else.