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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Is nothing but a design philosophy that is device and user interface independent. It aims on developing the optimized website experience; improving the experiences in different devices with different widths and resolutions such as tablets, smart phones etc. It is basically a technology that is used by the web designers for coding in such a way that the websites adjusts itself to fit in different widths and resolutions comfortably.

Responsive web design is of great help for following reasons:

  • There wouldn’t be any need for vertical and horizontal scrolling if you are viewing a site in a tablet or a mobile.
  • You need not develop a different website for the mobile users
  • Liquid layouts are the extension for fluid grids and they fit in various screens effortlessly irrespective of their sizes.
  • The CMS becomes easier since you get the freedom to manage the content on the website. We develop and provide word press and drupal based content managing responsive websites.

Why CrystalTech for responsive web design services?

CrystalTech has been involved in numerous projects in responsive web design services in USA over the last few years and our clients stick to us for the quality we provide them. We not only develop new website and incorporate responsive website design in it but if you already have a site, we also do the modifications and make it responsive too. We have team of experts who have the latest technological knowledge and tools for making your website more accessible with flexibility in the layouts and grids, sizes and media.

Are these responsive web designs expensive?

Are they worth the investments?

There would be many more questions that you would get in mind if you are planning for a responsive web design for your business site. But the ones mentioned above are just a couple of them. The answer could be in your own business and the type of business/services you have for your audience. The site which has the responsive web design is ideally not for everyone. It entirely depends on your business and the targeted audience. If your business has more users, more teenagers and younger ones using mobile phones, tablets and iPads, then this could be the best one for you. It really makes sense if you have the responsive design template set for your site.

You can try finding out the reports of the users through Google analytics account. If the channel for the majority of the audience is from the tablets and phones, then you should go for the responsive web design. Even though if you have a mobile version for your site, the maintenance would become tedious as you will have to handle two sites for one product/ business / service. You can eventually go for the responsive web design for a good turnout.

Will this be the trend in the future?

The answer is yes. Technologies like flash have become a history and a long forgotten past. That the websites are marching towards the standard version wherein they utilize HTML5 and CSS3 for the designing and developing of the websites. All the ones who have taken up the responsive web design for their websites, they are actually working towards their future and for a long run with a proper vision.

Responsive and Adaptive Web Design:

Responsive web designs depend on flexible fluid grids and adaptive web design depends on a predefined screen size and resolution. The adaptive web design uses components for progressive enhancement whereas the responsive web design work on media queries, fluid grids and media rule.


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