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May 17, 2016 Posted by admin in Web Design

e-commerce serves as the important feature which helps to make the development and the right solution to make it visible for the small business level with perfect solution for the user. The intent usage of the open source platforms with the effective tools makes it effective to maintain the regular usage for the possible solution. Some of the techniques that are used for the development of e commerce system are as given below.

  • Magento
  • osCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • Open Cart
  • Spree Commerce

Open Source

Open source in the e-commerce platform which provides the right solution to make the suitable priorities to the user friendly. The best feature with the technical accept to make solutions adequate in regards to make essential that and the issues for the making technical issues and making it largely acquired to maintain the support and services of the website.


Magento is one of the leading open source e-commerce software solutions that has won many awards and served the users largely. Users of Magento community largely welcome the tradition and make the reality of the websites and the instance of making it highly usable for the corporate. The economical standard make the services of the websites look different to make the services better.


This is a technique that is largely connected to provide an impressive customer with the online storefronts. The osCommerce is a strong community platform that supports Live Shops directory that the customers can build and customize in the pages of the cart.

Zen Cart

The Zen cart feature helps the shopping customers to use the best user friendly open source platform with the large end user. The technology of Zen with the formation in the websites can to explain the basic formation in building the website for making it easier for the visitors.

Open Cart

The name, Open cart implies which offer an open solution for making the best which sounded like the best option to make best in the formation in regards which offers features like search engine optimization (SEO), auto image resizing etc.

Spree Commerce

This is a convenient open source flexible e-commerce platform which is built on Ruby Rails programming language with the ultimate ease of usage.