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April 8, 2016 Posted by admin in Digital Marketing

Website design is the key in the maintenance of websites and for its production. Web design is normally used to describe the overall process to make a website from scratch.

Web design includes many different set of Skills in the production and maintenance of websites. The other areas of web designing include interface design; authoring, web graphic design; including consistent coding, user experience design; and SEO. Below are the Steps involved in deigning the website.

Step 1 – First of all we need to select the ‘domain name’. This is the title of our website or we can say that the name of our website. This could be your brand name of Product Name.

Step 2 – After selecting the Domain Name for the Website you need to get the Hosting Space for the website. Hosting Space is Similar to the Space available on Hard Disk of your computer. In this Case the Space is available on the Internet at remote location or can be on your Computer which is accessible via World Wide Web. You website will reside on this Hosting Space.

Step 3 – After going through Step No. 1 and 2 we need to design the web Pages for the Website. To do this either you can higher professional to do this or Website designing Company or you can do it yourself after going through some initial training. These web pages will serve as the Information provider or the Brand Promoter to your prospective clients.

Step 4 – After completing all the steps above you need to test your website. To do this you can use any modern day browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc.

It is advisable to the new persons who have little knowledge or no knowledge to hire the Professionals or the Website designing company to do this Job.